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Redacción Tokio | 26/10/2022

Augmented reality is not a new technology; in fact, its origin dates back five decades now, as it was first developed in 1968 at Harvard University. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that this technology has become more popular among diverse types of users, which has led to a multitude of augmented reality uses

In this article we’ll see some of the benefits and uses of augmented reality applications in different fields. This way, you’ll see this is a field where the right training can open the door for your professional development. Want to know more? Don’t miss a thing in this article!


What is augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) turns a real environment into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in it which users are able to see in real time.  Augmented reality thus uses the existent environment and superimposes new information on it, while virtual reality creates a totally artificial environment.

The implementation of augmented reality in consumer products requires considering design in applications and limitations of each technological platform.

Augmented reality has become quite popular in recent years thanks to being an easy technology to use. Thanks to this technology, we’re able to enjoy a wide variety of experiences thanks to our mobile devices. This has led to the development of a huge number of augmented reality applications.

These applications, as we see below in this article, present a wide array of uses and benefits in different fields such as, for instance, artistic installations, cultural activities, games, applications for health professionals; and, in general, any other business where AR can be of benefit.


Augmented reality uses

We’re going to go through the main uses of augmented reality applications. From education to health, here are some examples of the use of this technology today:


Some educational projects base part of training for kids and teenagers in augmented reality applications such as showing and interacting with solar system maps or music sheets.

Augmented reality offers many possibilities in the educational field, many of which are yet to be fully developed.


Augmented reality applications present great possibilities for tourism businesses. Thanks to the development of these technologies, it’s possible to offer new types of experiences related with visiting cities around the world.

In fact, virtual walking tours at street level are becoming more and more common, and can reconstruct the historical parts of the cities.


This is probably the area where more examples of augmented reality applications can be found. Brands and products such as Pokémon or Harry Potter have presented their own augmented reality games with great success.

Throughout the entertainment industry, brands and companies have seen a great opportunity in this type of technology in order to support and present coverage for their biggest intellectual property feats.

Company logistics

Augmented reality applications offer a great deal of opportunities to improve efficiency and save costs in many areas of company logistics.

For instance, DHL has already implemented augmented reality glasses to teach employees shorter storage room routes in order to reach particular objects.


From interior design to architecture or construction, augmented reality uses can help professionals visualize final products during the creative process.


From the managing of magnetic resonance equipment to the performance of complete surgery, augmented reality applications present the potential to improve the effectiveness and depth of sanitary attention in many fundamental aspects.


Benefits of augmented reality applications

Now that we’ve seen some augmented reality uses, it’s time to explore some of the benefits of employing this technology and the potential future implications of it.

  • It can be used by anyone, including people with physical or mental disabilities.
  • Gives an enhanced sense of reality than any other available technologies today.
  • Instructions on AR-based applications facilitate understanding of work flows within apps.
  • Has a highly interactive nature
  • Helps save money for companies who have decided to use augmented reality applications for their sales or internal processes.
  • It’s allowing for improvement in the precision of diagnostics in the sanitary field
  • In tourist applications and guided tours, it offers an outstanding user experience and, as such, improves client retention for companies implementing augmented reality applications.
  • In entertainment applications, such as Pokémon GO, it has proven to be able to improve social interactions between players.


Learn to program augmented reality!

Augmented reality is a field with a multitude of possibilities. Thanks to this article’s brief summary, you’ve been able to see some key examples of augmented reality applications, their uses and benefits across all types of companies. This field, at the same time, is already demanding qualified and specialized professionals. Would you like to become one of them?

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