About Tokio School

Tokio School is an online training center specialized in new technologies. But not just any school, but the “upgrade” of technical schools. Every year, hundreds of “tech mavericks” trust us, preparing themselves to excel in the most cutting-edge and in-demand professions in the digital world, and even for those yet to come.

No. Tokio School is a 100% online school so it does not have offices where students can attend. Our goal is your convenience, so you can communicate with us by phone or email and, once you formalize your enrolment, we can also talk to you through your virtual platform.

About Tokio School courses

Generally speaking, the average period of preparation for our students is 7 to 12 months, although it all depends on the type of course you choose. Some courses may be subject to a call for applications, what does this mean? It means that you will start and finish your training in approximately 6 months.

You will have 4 types of classes on your virtual platform:


You will be able to connect live to the telepresence classes with your specialist teacher, who will explain the syllabus and raise questions related to the current reality of work. In your calendar, you can consult the days and times of the classes that are included in your training. The main advantage of connecting to these live sessions is that if you have any questions, you can ask them directly to the teacher at the end of the session.


If you couldn’t connect to the live class, that’s OK! All classes are recorded so that you can access them through the virtual platform whenever you want. This will also allow you to study at your own pace because, even if the teacher is explaining topic 5 and you are still on topic 1, you will be able to watch them all whenever you need to.

In addition, the recorded classes are rebroadcast every week. You can check your calendar and find out when the next rebroadcast of the class on the topic you are interested in is.


Once a week, the teachers will dedicate 100% of a class to the resolution of doubts and exercises or practical cases and the revision of contents. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to interact with the teacher, ask questions and learn from other students’ doubts.


Tokio School’s learning methodology goes beyond what is directly related to the syllabus. Throughout the training, students can attend masterclasses given by the companies with which we have internship agreements, which complete their knowledge and curriculum: how to prepare for a job interview, how to prepare a good CV, the industry in the sector, professional profiles…

The more competencies and skills you acquire, the better prepared you will be for the job market. Because our goal is for students to go #alwaysforward.


To register on the Tokio School virtual platform, the first thing you have to do is enter the password that we will send you by email along with your username. Have you got it? Good! Now, you can change the password for your password and that’s it! 😉

Flexibility is the word that best defines our method. The Tokio School method, recognized with different Excellence in Education awards, has a series of basic pillars that make it more than effective:

  • Up-to-date syllabus and specialist teachers for each course.

  • Access to an intuitive virtual platform where you can find telepresence classes, and masterclasses, ask the teachers questions, consult the syllabus, do exams and practical exercises, etc.

  • Telepresence classes: this type of class is one of the pillars of Tokio School’s training method. During the sessions, students can interact live with their teachers and listen and learn from the doubts of their classmates. The classes are also an opportunity to keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector and to discover references, concepts, and issues that go beyond the theoretical content.

  • Pedagogical follow-up: students are tutored by pedagogical and talent management experts, whose mission is to draw up a strategic and personalized study plan for each student and to accompany them throughout the training process, guiding and motivating them. These tutorials are conducted via telephone, video call, or through the virtual platform using the instant messaging service.

  • Internships: most of our training courses offer internships in companies where students can test the knowledge acquired during the theoretical part and open doors in the labor market. In general, these internships are on-site and optional.

  • Complementary training: You will receive extra-training to improve your soft skills like communication, leadership, or teamwork.

At Tokio School we have numerous specializations within the world of new technologies, all of which are oriented toward labor demand.

Training for the “digital drivers” who will lead the careers with the brightest future.

That will depend on the training you choose. Generally speaking, the average preparation period for our students is 6 to 12 months.

We have the best! Tokio School courses are developed by specialized professionals, and experts who apply the technologies they teach in their daily work.

In addition, we provide all students with a pedagogical advisor who will guide and advise them throughout their training. Their functions include setting objectives, guiding and motivating, providing materials and additional information, as well as assessing the progress and knowledge acquired.

In addition, another of the pillars of each training course is the specialist teachers, our digital teachers, who are in charge of giving the telepresence classes and resolving any doubts that may arise. All of them are working professionals, so they will bring the students closer to the current working reality.

In short, a team that is involved in the training of each student and provides them with all their knowledge and experience to improve their job opportunities.

Tokio School is based on online training. What does this mean? Well, it is not face-to-face training -except for the internships-; you only need a computer or tablet with an internet connection.

On your virtual platform, you will find everything you need to train: syllabus, telepresence classes, contact with your teachers and pedagogical advisors…

In general, there are no prerequisites for admission to Tokio School. Our courses are, for the most part, unofficial, so there are no prerequisites that set a ceiling on your training. What is essential? You must have a computer and know how to use it.

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