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Python Essentials

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Deep Learning

Train online in Deep Learning, an area that is revolutionising the world of technology with the help of one of the fastest and most versatile languages: Python. With this specialisation of our Python course, you will learn about one of the most advanced areas of Machine Learning, which is based on artificial intelligence associated with the use of neural networks. Google Translator, Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant already use it. And you, do you also want to learn how to work with it?

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What will you learn?

With this Deep Learning specialization you will learn to use the syntax of the Python language and implement it in various projects. You will know how to use standard and external libraries and frameworks. You will know what Deep Learning is and you will acquire the knowledge for its practical application. You will also learn the types of neural networks and how to train them.

Deep Learning job opportunities? Deep Learning is very versatile, we can find it in search engines, medical diagnoses, autonomous cars, speech recognition in virtual assistants, etc. With this training you will be able to occupy one of these positions: data mining consultant, data scientists or AI developer.

PCAP Certification: Python Essentials

Prepare yourself to successfully pass the PCAP Certification exam. With your training, you will have access to our official CISCO: Python Essentials course free of charge.

The Tokio methodology

All our teachers broadcast their classes live. And if you have not been able to attend, no problem! We rebroadcast the class on another day that week and upload it to the virtual platform.
We will be by your side throughout the entire training. Our pedagogical advisors will help you to achieve your goals (organisation and motivation for tokiers!).
Real experts who have worked in various tatamis (real senseis!).
We adapt to each student by setting realistic objectives that are adapted to their circumstances and abilities. Ours is "tailor-made" learning.

We're not the kind of people who like to pin medals on themselves, but if others do…

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ETA Awards 2022 in the eLearning Category

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Do you want to show what you're worth? At Tokio School we have agreements with more than 3,000 companies in the technology and digital sector. You can do up to 300 hours of optional internships while expanding your network and your CV. Where would you like to do an internship? Suggest companies! You will be part of Tokio Net, our network of students and alumni.

Guaranteed Internship!!!

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  • Complementary masterclasses
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  • Plus 2 years to finish your training

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If you've made it this far down, you're interested in us, aren't you? Of course, you are! We are interested in you too. We are eager to know you, to talk to you, and know-how we can help you. In short: we would like to get to know you (very much!). Write to us. We'll get in touch with you in no time at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Python is a high-level programming language, very versatile and relatively easy to learn. It can be used for almost anything. For example, Google uses it to crawl pages, Pixar uses it to create its films, Spotify uses it to recommend songs and Inditex uses it to improve its stock management.

It is also becoming one of the fastest-growing programming languages, a situation that leads to high demand for specialised professionals.

Some of the advantages of learning to program in this system and becoming a Python programmer are its simplicity; that it displays all the information in a very tidy and clean way; that it is open source and has a very active community that shares resources massively; that it is multiplatform and multiparadigm; that it has high calibre frameworks; that it is object-oriented programming; its wide variety of possible uses; its great popularity and its job placement and good salary expectations.

The Python language is known for its wide variety of possible uses: data science, web development, big data, artificial intelligence, video game programming, finance, blockchain… This wide variety allows you to choose the sector you like the most and opt for a greater number of job offers and future projects.

Once you have decided to learn Python, the most important thing is your effort and commitment. Although it is a simple programming language, it is not all fun and games. You will need to have the time to become a full-fledged developer.

If you are interested in learning this programming language but don’t have the basics, don’t worry! Python is a simple and versatile programming language, which makes it perfect for getting started in the world of programming.