What is Django Python and what is it used for?


Redacción Tokio | 17/02/2023

Python is currently the fifth most popular programming language. Used mainly in programming processes for different data analysis and AI applications, it is also important for web programming. In this context, the work of programmers is much easier with tools like Django Python, a specific framework for working with Python.

In this article we are going to see what Django is and what is Django used for, looking at what can be done with this framework in the field of programming. We’ll also talk about its key features and review the type of training needed to become a master in Python. Regarding this, a Python Programming course is usually the best option.


What is Django Python and what are its features?

Django is a development framework for Python that is used to create web pages. It is a free and open source tool used by a large community that constantly shares resources related to it. In addition to this, Django also presents paid features that can make the work of developers even easier.

Django Python is a tool that can be used for full-stack development of web applications and web pages, as well as for server development. It is considered the best framework for developing web applications with Python and is one of the most demanded development frameworks by programmers who use this language for web development.

It was created by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison while working on PHP so that something would make it easy for them to update a web page and meet deadlines. At that point they switched to Python, and in 2005 they released Django to make programming even easier.

These are some of the characteristics that make Django one of the most used frameworks for web development:


Django provides almost everything that programmers need and might want to use. It is a tool that follows consistent design principles and presents a good documentation foundation to facilitate the work of developers.


Django works by using replaceable and interchangeable components. That means it can be scaled quite easily. In this sense, both Instagram and Disqus have used Django Python to improve their servers thanks to the scalability of the development environment.


This development environment has been used to create all kinds of web pages. From systems purely devoted to content management, such as wikipages; to social networks or news websites.

Django is compatible with any framework that is used on the client side, so it can send content in any format.


Django makes it easy to detect and fix potential security flaws in the server side of web pages. It provides safe user and password management and avoids mistakes that are common in back-end design and development.


Django can be used on any system and platform, and is also supported by many of the host providers who also often offer the necessary documentation to implement it.


Django is easy to maintain and represents a significant speed-up for web development. It encourages the creation of reusable code, which greatly simplifies the work of web developers.


What is Django used for?

As we’ve seen above, Django is specifically designed to encourage rapid development that presents a clean and practical design. With this in mind, we can quickly understand that it is a useful tool for the development of certain web pages and applications. Let’s see some of cases of using this framework:

  • Customizable applications. The clearest example is social networks, platforms that  generate highly customizable applications. Django provides a solid foundation that developers can build on. From there, they can focus only on the part of the user’s interaction with the application or the type of media that can be shared through it.
  • Websites with little code. Both Python and Django Python are ideal for all developers who want to build a web platform with as little code as possible.
  • Security. If what you want to develop is a safe website, this framework is ideal since it hides the code by default and also facilitates the development of sites that protect transactions and confidential customer data. Therefore, it is ideal for creating websites or ecommerce applications.
  • Applications that need scalability. As we have seen above, this development environment is highly scalable, which makes it ideal for making applications or web pages that need this feature.


Get trained as a Python programmer!

Now you know what Django Python is and what its fundamental characteristics are. A tool with many applications for Python programming processes. However, before trying to master the framework, it is necessary to master the language. For this reason, to become an expert in Python, it is best to train with the best: the true code senseis, the programming experts.

This is what we offer at Tokyo School. A Python Programming course in which you will be trained by expert teachers and professionals in the sector. Take the chance and become a Python expert!

There are many professional opportunities awaiting for you should you decide to take this training opportunity. Python grows a little more every day, which means that there are also growing job opportunities related to it. Any questions? Solve them! Get in touch with us to find out more about this training.

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