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Tokio School | 27/05/2022

What is the Cloud? Where is it? What is Cloud Computing? We’re sure these are questions you’ve either heard about or have examined yourself. The truth is Cloud Computing is everywhere and has become a part of our daily lives.

In our day jobs, our personal online lives, our videogames, everything is stored in the cloud. But, what is this technology, how is it used and how can it be applied to the creation of mobile apps? In this article, we try to answer all these questions.

We could start by saying that the cloud is nothing but a metaphor for the Internet. A great interconnected web between systems that are remotely located and that we use to share and store information.


What is Cloud Computing?: Concept and history

What is Cloud Computing? As we said at the beginning, we’re sure you’ve either already made this question to yourself or are in the process of making it, as it’s such a popular term today. A concept that we’re familiar with now, although we’re neither sure about its history nor how it works exactly. 

Simply put, when we talk about Cloud Computing, we’re talking about storing and accessing data and software through the Internet instead of doing so through a hard drive. However, Cloud Computing is much more than this, as this article aims to show.

Storage in domestic networks or small business networks doesn’t count as Cloud Computing.

The concept of Cloud Computing emerges in big-scale Internet service providers such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft. Other smaller businesses also created their own infrastructures. Among them, a new system to store and distribute big volumes of information emerges.

In order to do so, these companies use a similar architecture to that of a big server farm, but adding some autonomy to their working and scaling possibilities on a global level. From there, the concept of “the Cloud” emerges. A storage system that allows us to access stored materials anytime and anywhere.


What is Cloud Computing used for?

There are multiple ways in which Cloud Computing can be used. Apart from seeing what is Cloud Computing, let’s also take a look at the benefits of using this technology both for businesses and individual users, as well as its value to develop mobile apps.

Cloud Computing is a computer model and a set of technologies that allows consumers to access services on the cloud. This can be made through paid services or through free-access platforms that include several restrictions. The cloud has become immensely popular among a wide range of businesses in order to facilitate remote work or simply to facilitate access to data at any given time.

From big companies to nonprofit organizations and NGOs, and even emerging startups, the diverse uses of Cloud Computing have proven to be effective to bring a variety of solutions to multiple problems. Let’s have a look.

File storage

There’s no doubt there are many options to store and access our data. Hard drives, USB pens, files shared on networks, etc.

Then, what is Cloud Computing among all these options? What makes the cloud different?

Firstly, an easy access. When we use Cloud Computing, we can access these files at all times and from many locations without the need to use external elements. All we need is an Internet connection.

Besides, services provided by Google, Amazon or Microsoft means we can access and edit our files without the need to download them.

Cloud Computing simplifies our work with multiple files.

Macro data analysis

Cloud Computing is related to Big Data and massive data storage relevant to businesses.

This can refer to data related to clients, markets, trends, performance or sales, among other things. Data storage and its analysis are made much easier thanks to Cloud Computing.

Security copies and data archiving

Security copies and data archiving are safer and more efficient in cloud environments compared to storing and copying data to traditional hard drive units.

Cloud environments are supported by big security measures while traditional methods, while effective, are more vulnerable to external threats such as viruses or malware.

Thanks to using this perspective, cloud-based storage systems allow for the making of security copies or safeguarding confidential files.

This provides users with the confidence of knowing data is still intact even if originals saved in a traditional hard drive have been compromised in any way.


What is Cloud Computing: Test and development of cloud software

As we were saying, the development of mobile apps is also closely linked to the world of cloud storage. What is Cloud Computing in the fascinating world of programming and software and mobile app development? Let’s have a look.

If you’ve already worked in developing apps or software, you know it’s a long and quite costly process. The need for hardware, software and a qualified human team that can employ them means there’s an increase in costs.

Other uses of Cloud Computing are linked to social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are such examples. 

This makes projects take months or even years to get done. In this context, cloud computing providers offer many tools for integrating and speeding up development processes for the development of apps and software.

Today, using tools that work in cloud environments means minimizing economic costs in the development of mobile apps. This also translates into a competitive advantage for all companies that choose this option.


Study to become an app programmer!

If you were wondering “What is Cloud Computing?”, now you know more about this technology and its current uses, including the development of mobile apps and all types of software. A series of tools that operate from the cloud so that you can work as a programmer or app developer.

Are you still thinking of becoming an app programmer? At Tokio we offer the best training courses in this area. With our Masters in Cloud Computing you’ll become the professional you’ve always wanted to be. Come join us!

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