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Redacción Tokio | 26/12/2022

Does the term ‘Unreal engine blueprint’ ring a bell? Nope? Well, keep reading because we are going to go through what this technique consists of and how it is used to create video games. Let’s go! 


Unreal Engine: what is it and what is it for?

Unreal Engine consists of a game engine created by Epic Games, an American video game development company. Game engines are programming routines that allow you to create, design, and run video games.

This game engine is one of the most widely used today due to its high degree of portability.

With the Unreal Engine 4 version you can create AAA quality games compatible with various platforms: Linux, macOS, SteamOS, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, HTML5, Xbox One SteamVR/HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, OSVR and Samsung Gear VR.


Unreal Engine blueprint: Features

Blueprints are assets within the Unreal Engine editor. They consist of a system of visual scripts based on the concept of adding and connecting nodes to generate different elements.

With these assets, it’s possible to use the full range of available tools and concepts for programmers. This system allows video games to be played in a more visual and simple way.

The Blueprints methodology complements C++ programming without replacing it, as the two systems coordinate and integrate perfectly together.

Some of the options and possibilities with this methodology include:

  • Creation of cameras and perspectives, items (weapons or spells, for example), particles such as rain or snow, etc
  • Environment interactions
  • Creation, implementation and modification of elements
  • Creation of meshes, materials and characters
  • Menu interactions


Unreal Blueprints: Typology

There are several types of Unreal engine blueprint. Let’s go through what some of the most important:


Blueprint class 

Blueprint Class allows you to quickly add functionality and content to existing types of games. Instead of writing code, Blueprints are generated in the Unreal Editor visually and can then be saved as assets as part of a content pack.

This type of Blueprint defines new classes or types of actors that can be positioned on maps as instances that have the same behavior as any type of actor.



This type of Blueprint acts as a graph of global level nodes. Each level presents its own LevelBlueprint by default and can be edited from within Unreal. However, it is not possible to create new LevelPrints via the interface editor.

The LevelBlueprint provides a control mechanism for streaming and Matinee and for communicating with peer events.


Blueprint Interface

Blueprint Interfaces consist of collections of functions that can be added to other Blueprints. These collections allow different Blueprints to share and send data to each other. Content creators can build these Blueprints, but present some limitations: you can’t add new variables or components, neither edit graphics.


Widget Blueprints

It’s possible to create menus using Widget Blueprints. The Widget Blueprint Editor opens by default in the ‘Designer’ tab. Using this visual representation of the design, we can get an idea of what it will look like in the game.


Tokyo School Video Game Programming Course: what is it like?

Tokio School’s Master in Video Game Programming with Unreal Engine is an online, remote course that allows you to learn from any location and at your chosen times, thus offering the maximum flexibility.

With this course, you will have access to personalized training, live online classes, audiovisual and paper resources, between 60 and 300 hours of practical experience as part of internship programs… Does this sound good to you?


Objectives of the Master in Video Game Programming with Unreal Engine

You will love this Master’s degree! Through this specialized course, Tokyo School intends that you achieve the following learning goals

  • Develop a video game from start to finish
  • Get started in C++ programming language and Blueprints
  • Handle and develop Virtual Reality hardware within Unreal Engine
  • Optimize projects so that they can run smoothly on different devices
  • Apply design patterns that meet the highest quality standards 
  • Know about the new Unreal Engine tools and services

If you put your enthusiasm and your motivation to work, you will be successful in this course and acquire the essential skills to be a specialist in this field. Additionally, after completing the different Master classes, you will obtain Tokyo School’s own degree as well as an accreditation of your chosen language.


Our training program for the Video Game Programming course

To achieve the established educational objectives, Tokio School offers you a complete and fully updated training program, which includes the following thematic modules:

  • Module I: First steps
  • Module II: Levels
  • Module III: The aesthetics of the video game
  • Module IV: C++ Programming and Blueprints
  • Module V: Game Play
  • Module VI: Virtual Reality
  • Module VII: Last steps

On the other hand, the program includes the materialization of a final project, as well as complementary language learning material.

As you can see, Module IV is dedicated to C++ programming and Blueprints. This module consists of these topics:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Blueprints
  • The movement
  • Introduction to C++ programming 

In this section, you will be able to go deeper into Unreal Engine Blueprint and C++ programming. Interested? Sign up for our course!


Start your training in Video Game Programming!

Now that you know what Unreal Engine Blueprint consists of, you can become a specialist with Tokyo School’s Master in Video Game Programming with Unreal Engine.

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