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Redacción Tokio | 17/02/2023

Do you know what the average Python developer salary is? The field of programming, whatever the language, is always booming thanks to the incredible technological development of recent years.

In the case of Python, it is a professional profile that is highly demanded by companies in the technology sector, but also in research centers and even in universities for research projects in Artificial Intelligence and data analysis. This explains the high salaries that a professional with these characteristics can opt for. The average salary of a Python programmer in the UK is £57,785 per year.

A career that requires professionals to be in a state of constant learning, since new programming languages, operating systems, programming methods or updates that change work processes appear every so often. Therefore, if you are a programmer, it is best that you become a specialist in a specific area with training such as our Python Course to focus on a single language, even if you have a notion of others as well.

As we’ve mentioned above, companies in the technology sector demand programmers the most. This is associated with good working conditions. In this article, we are going to break down everything you need to know about a Python developer salary. How much could you earn, and what influences the salary? Let’s see!


What is Python?

Python is a bit of a programmer’s Swiss Army knife: a now classic programming language that is present in many systems and devices. Born in the early 90s, the creator of Python was the Dutch engineer Guido Van Rossum, an effort which, little by little, has transformed into a widely used programming language.

One of the reasons for this language’s success is that it is an open source system that stands out for having clean and readable code. Two of the main features of Python that make it an ideal programming language for beginners.

We are going to go through some of the advantages of learning Python, which are not few:

  • Simple and fast. This language simplifies programming a lot. It is a great language for scripting.
  • Elegant and flexible. The language facilitates the work of the programmer as it is easily readable and interpretable. This is an elegant and very flexible code, which is why it’s widely used for all kinds of programming jobs.
  • Productive programming. Python is easy to learn and presents a moderate learning curve. It’s very easy to start programming and boosts productivity.
  • Tidy and clean. It is very readable and its modules are well organized. This makes learning and working with Python much more comfortable and accessible.
  • Multi platform. It is a very portable language. We can use it in practically any system today. It can even be used to program video games, although it is more limited than C#
  • Community. It has a large number of users and its community actively participates in the development of the language.


Perspectives: New Python possibilities

Python is also one of the programming languages with the most promising prospects for the future, thanks to its presence in the educational field and its use in new areas of work such as these:

  • Big Data. It refers to the possibility of commercially exploiting large amounts of data to create new services.
  • Artificial intelligence. There are many applications of AI: robotics, management, control, education…
  • Machine Learning. One of the applications to AI, t refers to the automatic learning of artificial intelligence through the identification of patterns among millions of data.
  • Deep Learning. Within AI, deep learning is concerned with emulating the learning approach that humans use to obtain certain types of knowledge.


Python developer salary: the different profiles

A Python developer salary can vary depending on each specific profile. Let’s go through the different profiles of Python programmers: 

  • Data Science: the Big Data and Data Science programming specialist is a booming profile. The growth for the demand for this professional profile explains the figures. the average salary is 42,000 euros per year for a junior profile.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): These programmers can have a fairly wide salary range. This is explained based on their experience in the sector. A junior developer earns an average of 30,000 euros per year, while a senior can earn around 77,500 euros per year.
  • DevOps: The Python language is among the most widely used for backend development and scripting. Developers solve big problems, so it is a very productive profile for any company. This explains the salary figures of around 42,000 euros per year that DevOps senior developers can earn on average.



Professional Python developer salary by category

There are many reasons to learn Python, but surely now you are also interested in learning about the job prospects of becoming a specialist in this programming language. To begin with, you should know that a Python developer salary is not the same for junior profiles as it is for senior profiles.

We can go through the average salary ranges for these professionals. Highly in demand by technology companies and also in the field of research and education, these are professionals who can earn between 20,000 and 38,000 euros per year. Let’s see what factors may lower or increase this salary range.


Junior Python developer salary UK

A Junior developer is a professional who is beginning his career and whose years of work experience in the area of programming aren’t more than two years.

For this profile, the salary range varies depending on the place where you are going to work. In countries like Spain, the salary of a junior programmer ranges between 19,500 and 22,900 euros gross per year, with the average salary being around 19,000 euros gross per year. In the case of a junior Python developer salary in the UK, the average is £22,500 per year.



Python Programmer Salary: Senior

Senior Python programmers present more than 6 years of experience. This is a highly valued and highly paid profile that is also responsible for training the next generations of Python programmers.

As it happens with Junior profiles, average salaries may depend on geographical locations and the company the professional works for. It’s however possible to establish a salary range that goes from €34,000 to €39,000 gross per year.

A senior Python developer salary can exceed £57,000 in the UK.


The highest salary for a Python programmer

The highest Python developer salary in the UK can reach £80,000 per year, a figure that is reserved for Python programmers with extensive experience in handling this language.


Other variables of the salary of a Python programmer in Spain

The specific country in which you develop your work is a factor that influences a Python developer salary. Other variables are whether the worker simply receives the base salary or has salary supplements depending on the position he holds in the company.

Here are some salary differences depending on each specific country:

  • Germany: $58,932
  • Belgium: $45,065
  • USA: $96,000 
  • Asian countries: ranging from $59,000 to $111,000 


What training do you need to become a Python programmer?

One of the necessary qualities to be a Python programmer is to have attended specific training courses. Constant training is essential, including having direct and real contact with technological advances.

Programming has been part of an evolution process for decades, even more so in the case of a free language like Python. For this reason, companies demand workers with specialized training in Python.

In addition to this, your training has a direct and significant influence in a Python developer salary.  With the right degree you can opt for a good salary, one that matches specialized professionals in Python programming. Some of the training options that you should consider include:

    • Computer Engineering Degree
    • Higher Vocational Training in Computer Science
    • Master in Software Engineering
    • Master in Advanced Programming
    • Master in Artificial Intelligence
  • An Online Python Course

The last option represents the most specialized choice for this programming language. In addition to this, it allows you to combine your work or work responsibilities with  training in Python. It is important that you choose an online Python course from an academy with proven, award-winning experience, while also taking into account the opinion of its former students.


Where can I study? Learn to code at TokioSchool!

As you have seen, Python developer salary ranges all guarantee good working conditions. Also, with time and experience, your salary as a Python programmer will improve, ensuring a well-paid job with great future prospects. Are you going to miss it?

This is your opportunity to specialize in one of the most promising programming languages for the future.Python is a mature programming language but it is in a constant state of evolution. Thanks to a large community of developers, you will come across a lot of documentation to continue learning about it.

However, although it is a simple code, it is difficult to master, so you will need specialized training. At Tokyo School, we are experts and specialists in teaching about new technologies, programming and video games.

Count on us: you will become an expert in Python programming!

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