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Redacción Tokio | 26/10/2022

Are you up to date? Are you part of the Big Data revolution and want to find out how to become a data analyst and what training you need? This is your chance! In this article, we’re going to let you know everything you need to know about Big Data and the data analyst professional profile.

An essential professional in the new digital revolution, the data revolution. Today, huge volumes of data are generated. Data that is relevant both for companies and governments. But the analysis of this information requires qualified and specialized professionals.

Would you like to become one of them? Then, keep reading to find out how to become a data analyst and what training is necessary to be a data analyst. Let’s go!


What is the required professional profile for a data analyst?

As we’ve mentioned above, our world is inundated by data. Technological evolution has allowed us to find better ways to process, store and analyze them. However, qualified and specialized professionals are still needed, which means more data analysts are needed.

At this point you might be wondering how to become a data analyst in order to access all these job opportunities and the chance to thrive in this field. While we’ll go through that afterwards, first let’s look at the professional profile for data analysts.

In order to carry out their jobs, data analysts must fulfill a series of requirements regarding their training. As such, we can find professional profiles originating from different fields such as: 

  • Informatics
  • Businesses
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Telecommunications
  • Business Management

All these profiles are valid to work as a data analyst as long as they present the right specialization and can be complemented with specialized courses or specific Big Data Master’s degrees.


The functions of a Data Analyst

Data Analysts are specialists and undertake certain functions within business. These are some of the fundamental tasks in working with Big Data:

  • Create and manage data storage structures, data mining and data cleaning
  • Translating collected information, cleaning and analyzing it in order to create new business strategies
  • Create and continue processes that maintain security protocols when accessing collected data
  • Suggest problem solutions for both businesses and governmental institutions


How to become a data analyst? The required training

As you can see, the first step to work as a data analyst is to get a university degree. This is especially true because this job position normally involves big responsibilities. Besides from this university degree, you’ll also need specific training to complement it.

This training can both be a Master’s Degree or one of the diverse specialization courses offered by specialized academies for new technologies, such as Tokyo School. In our case, as we’ll see below in this article, we offer our Big Data course.

When it comes to picking a particular training, there are a number of factors you should take into account. In fact, there are a number of educational options you’ll find, both online and onsite. After all, data analysis is part of the 4th industrial revolution, the 4.0 Industry.

What do you need to know about how to become a data analyst? What aspects should you take into account when selecting your study center? Well, among other things, the following are some of the key criteria:


Flexibility in training and education is crucial. Onsite education tends to be quite rigid, so that finding a course in data analysis that allows you to balance your daily life with your training is fundamental.

Teaching staff

In order to become a data analyst, you should access the best teachers. This involves Big Data experts and professionals who’re able to transfer all their knowledge.


When it comes to picking an educational center or a specific training to become a data analyst, you need to first check that the curriculum is up to date, as this discipline changes, evolves and transforms on a daily basis.


Requirements for a Big Data analyst

We’ve already seen what the professional profile for a Big Data analyst looks like and how to become a data analyst. Now we’re going to see the requirements you need in order to work in the Big Data field.


Just like any other professions linked to new technologies, the data analyst position requires you to be proficient in English and, potentially, other languages.

Any good specialized course in Big Data should include a specific educational module focusing on English for data analysts.


Although it’s not essential, as there are many tools for data visualization focusing on Big Data, it’s advisable to have programming knowledge focusing on this discipline.


As we’ve mentioned above, there are tools you should know and be able to use that are focused on the different fields within data analysis.

This type of software is mainly useful when it comes to elaborating data visualization representations.


Find the best training as a data analyst!

As you probably already know (especially after reading our article), Big Data is a discipline open to all of those ready to embark on the data revolution adventure. A field to explore and in constant growth which demands more professionals every day.

If you’d like to become one of them, now you know how to become a data analyst: getting specialized training and education. In order to do so, your best bet is joining Tokyo School, the training academy specializing in new technologies. With our Big Data course, you’ll be able to fulfill all the required demands for this professional profile.

Don’t wait any longer! Get in touch with us to get more information. The revolution is waiting for you, don’t miss this opportunity!

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