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Redacción Tokio | 25/01/2023

As the potential of new technologies unfolds, it makes us wonder what the future of VR will look like in the future? While this technology is relatively new, its high number of applications today lets us see that virtual reality has come to stay. 

If you are interested in this field, our virtual reality (VR) course will allow you to delve much deeper into certain aspects of this sector, including the creation and development of this type of project. Learn with us!


Future of VR: what can we expect?

It is not easy to predict the shape this technology will take in the future, but what is clear is that its applications will expand to reach more everyday tasks, as well as more specialized and technical sectors.


Virtual reality in medicine

At present, virtual reality has applications in different fields, although most of them remain experimental today. Take medicine, for instance. In this sector, VR is in its infancy, facilitating the practice of medical professionals through the simulation of surgery. This represents a coveted resource today, but only within the reach of a very few people today.

VR in future will probably go along that line, that is, the standardization of its use and costs.


The industrial revolution and the future of virtual reality

In the case of the industrial sector, VR can favor creation processes and the simulation of projects. As such, the use of this technology could help speed up tasks and, in addition to this, allow operations to be performed in a more precise way.


Education, a great field for the future of virtual reality

As we have already explained in other articles, virtual reality in education plays a key important role by bringing resources closer to students in a way that has never been experienced before. It even allows to overcome physical barriers for children with mobility problems. In the future of VR, this technology could be present in each and every classroom, effectively enhancing educational systems.


Advances towards the future of VR

Professionals trained in the creation of VR applications are needed to respond to the demands of the future of VR and a society that incorporates it in many ways. As such, a number of projects are already taking small steps towards the renewal of the VR concept, bringing light into everything that is to come in the future of VR.


Facebook Horizon

This Facebook project is based on the creation of an infinite space where users can unleash their imagination and create VR experiences. As such, users will be able to play, socialize… and everything they can think of. In short, this represents an improved parallel reality.


Virtual reality without controls

Until now, in order to be able to operate as part of VR technologies, it was necessary to wear VR glasses and, even more so for some applications, use joysticks. This caused the user to feel a bit disconnected from their virtual immersion.

The idea is to improve this technology so that the VR of the future is able to detect natural hand movements.


Oculus rift

Another of the main limitations of VR is the need to use a computer to connect the accessories. Oculus Rift is presented as the solution by allowing you to run VR applications directly on the glasses, without the need for computers.

This represents a great development, since up until now it was necessary to be close to a computer to enter virtual reality, forcing users to be indoors or in closed areas. These spaces also typically present limitations to move because of the furniture.

With Oculus Rift, the virtual reality experience can be transferred to a park or field, with no limits on movements. Fantastic!


Passthrough+, helping ease the transition

Up until now, in order to get out of virtual reality realms, it was necessary to take off the glasses or helmets enabling it and return to physical reality. Passthrough+ allows, through the touch of a button, to disconnect the virtual reality from the accessories, so that we can go from one reality to another without having to remove our glasses or helmet. This is a great development for the future of VR, since it facilitates a transition, without the need to completely break the digital immersion.


Mind-controlled virtual reality 

Facebook’s most experimental project, led by Zuckerberg, is the development of a technology that allows sending signals and mental orders to carry out specific actions in a virtual reality setting. Tgether with CTRL-Labs, this project is still in testing and has resulted in wristbands that aim at transferring neural signals to VR applications.


On-demand virtual reality 

What many companies in charge of developing the future of VR are studying is the possibility of being able to incorporate real elements into this new dimension. For example, this would involve scanning a specific place like a cafeteria and using it as a virtual stage where you can meet other users.

It sounds a bit like Black Mirror, but without the involved violence.


Do you want to train to develop virtual reality in the future?

If you want to contribute to the change and development that is coming in the future of VR, you will have to access training that allows you to create applications using this technology. At Tokyo School, we offer our virtual reality course, where you will learn to use Unity 3D, a game engine with infinite possibilities.

VR can become your long-term opportunity, since our course will help you develop a highly-valued professional profile in the technology industry.


An updated study plan and practices

As part of our training course, you will delve into a series of modules and subjects that have been completely adapted to the current demands of the labor market. In this way, you will get be closer to the most theoretical part about VR, while also enjoying a professional internship period that will allow you to demonstrate all your professional skills.

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