AI programming languages: what are the most important ones


Redacción Tokio | 17/11/2022

Would you like to learn Artificial Intelligence programming? This new discipline is already established and, at the same time, its presence is growing exponentially as part of our lives, which is why it requires trained professionals. In this article you will learn which Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming languages are the most used and the most demanded in the industry. Keep reading to find all the information about this fascinating discipline!

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Artificial Intelligence: a brief approach

Before explaining what the main AI programming languages are, you need to first understand what Artificial Intelligence is precisely.

A practical definition of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is understood as the result of a programming model that allows us to create a parallel reality in which to interact in a 360 way. User immersion here is key to enjoy all functionalities derived from the programming of the different artificial intelligence applications. 

In other words, artificial intelligence allows us to draw conclusions from a model through an algorithm that finds a series of patterns. Those patterns then define a model applicable to other situations.


The main AI programming languages 

There are several AI programming languages today that are used to create artificial intelligence systems. The following paragraphs include the most common artificial intelligence programming languages and their characteristics.


Python: the most fundamental among AI programming languages

Python is perhaps the best candidate when it comes to AI programming languages. It manages to simplify programming tasks through the following two particular philosophies: 

  • DRY philosophy: an acronym for “Don’t Repeat Yourself”, very important advice for programming 
  • RAD Philosophy: referring to “rapid application development”

Additionally, Python is an open source language, allowing for easier and more complete access to all its features. In fact, among the main advantages of this AI programming language is the large community engaged in creating packages to be applied in the language.

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R language: another great ally for artificial intelligence

Although R can be understood as an artificial intelligence programming language, it’s really its ability to perform statistical analysis and big data management that makes this language stand out.

R is constantly updated thanks to the huge community using this open source language. It also stands out for its powerful graphic representation capacities applied to exportable data in different formats such as pdf, bitmap, png, jpeg…

The R language is truly valuable if you are thinking of programming artificial intelligence applications adapted to statistical or big data topics.


Java: object-oriented programming

Java is regarded as the most popular programming language in the world, according to the TIOBE Index in its 2018 ranking. In fact, multiple apps, software and even web pages need Java to work properly.

Regarding artificial intelligence, Java is a language designed for object programming. In addition to this, it presents several data interfaces designed to improve user experience. Knowing how to program Java will open many doors for you in the world of computing.


C++ language: an interesting addition for Python

The greatest advantage of C++ is that it represents the fastest programming language in the world. Why is it so valuable for Artificial Intelligence? Because this is a discipline that requires quick-action responses, something that is a piece of cake for programming using C++.

An artificial intelligence app programmed using Python can be integrated within the C++ language and thus increase its execution speed or response times.


Prolog: artificial intelligence in the medical sector

Did you know that health sciences are one of the main fields benefiting from Artificial Intelligence? Well, Prolog is the chosen AI programming language in the design of medical projects. Among its benefits, its ability to automate backtracking stands out, a system that allows you to search for errors and go back in the process to solve them.

Prolog is, without a doubt, one of the most flexible Artificial Intelligence programming languages ​​out there.


What AI programming language should I use? 

It’s impossible to master all the Artificial Intelligence programming languages instantly. That is why it’s important to pick one that will help you get started in the discipline. Due to its simplicity when it comes to programming and its extensive functionalities, Python is our number one recommendation.

In our artificial intelligence course you’ll learn to use this language to program from scratch. Besides, one of the projects of the course consists of developing an Artificial Intelligence app, a perfect exercise to consolidate your knowledge! And if you think you’d rather be initiated in several programming languages, the Tokio School course will also teach you to work with C++, so you will tackle two languages at once.


Pick Tokyo School and get trained to develop Artificial Intelligence

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Besides, you will not only receive theoretical training, but we’ll also provide you with access to an internship program in companies related to this fascinating field. The best way to consolidate what you have learned and experience the best introduction to the field’s real life work environments.

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