Advantages and disadvantages of data mining: do you know them?


Redacción Tokio | 17/02/2023

Today, a large amount of information is generated from different sources and in very diverse shapes and forms. Managing this amount of data can be extremely complex, which is why there are techniques and tools such as data mining that facilitate the extraction of the most relevant information. In this article we are going to go through what data mining is and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

The extracted information can be useful for various purposes, from Big Data analysis to programming algorithms for Machine Learning. This is especially relevant considering that right now, AI is booming, particularly thanks to the rise of Python as the main programming language.

This language or code has become essential for many purposes, so that training and mastering Python is important for all those who want to navigate the field of data. With a Python Programming course you can get training in the field and become a specialist in the field of data mining and analysis, or even in disciplines related to artificial intelligence.


What is data mining?

Data mining is the process by which large data sets are classified in order to identify common patterns and relationships that can provide help in solving problems. The set of techniques and tools used in data mining help companies improve their business processes.

Data mining is useful both for the development of Data Science and Big Data, as well as for creating machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. In fact, when it comes to machine learning, data is essential for programs and applications to be able to improve and learn.

Data mining has many applications as it facilitates the extraction and processing of relevant information for all types of companies, but also for governments or services related to public health.

As such, irrespective of the advantages and disadvantages of data mining, it has become a key tool for all types of analytical initiatives, providing help in various aspects in terms of companies’ strategic planning. The information collected in data mining also has applications in marketing, logistics, human resources, and finance.

However, just as it has many advantages and applications in various business sectors, data mining also has some disadvantages or drawbacks. Let’s go through the pros and cons of data mining for data processing and analysis.


The advantages of data mining

As we have already mentioned, data mining is the set of techniques and tools used to extract relevant information from large data sets. Some of its advantages include:

  • Trustworthy information. One of the great advantages of data mining is that the information that it helps extract is totally reliable. For this reason, it is useful for market research processes, providing guidance in the types of products that are of interest to customers.
  • Improvements and adjustments in business processes. Data mining provides help to make operational adjustments in companies. This is particularly true when it comes to the improvement of logistics processes.
  • Better decision making. Decisions based on data will always be better. Data mining provides objective and reliable information, so that companies and analysts can make much better decisions.
  • Analyze large amounts of data quickly. Thanks to data mining, a greater amount of information can be processed in less time.
  • Predictions. Thanks to the extracted data, behavioral predictions based on patterns can be made. It is also useful for the creation of algorithms for machine learning and the design of specific AI applications and programs.


What are the disadvantages of data mining?

Now that you know the advantages of data mining, let’s go through some of the disadvantages. Although it has many applications and potential, it is not infallible or has no drawbacks. These are some of the main disadvantages of data mining:

  • Complex tools. Most of the tools used for data mining are complex and require trained and specialized professionals to handle them. That is, specific training and sometimes certifications are required to be able to handle them. This has translated into a scarcity of professionals, who are in high demand.
  • Not infallible. Although it is a reliable set of techniques, data mining is not infallible and does not always provide completely accurate information. For example, when creating machine learning algorithms for prediction (such as those used for recommendations on Netflix or Spotify) it can be the case that the predictions are not totally accurate.
  • Privacy. The need to process personal data is among the cons of data mining, especially when it comes to private companies. There are many people who are concerned that companies can share private information about them with each other, even if it is only to offer a certain service.
  • Databases. In order to extract information more accurately and efficiently, large databases, storage space, and processing power are required.
  • Costs. The previous bulletpoint leads us to include the costs of data mining among its disadvantages. If you do not work with the right tools, the costs can in fact be very high.


Train in Programming for machine learning!

As you have seen, it’s important to consider advantages and disadvantages of data mining. Of course, everything that has to do with data extraction is booming today, be it for Data Science, Big Data, or AI. This makes training in programming for the creation of artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning a way to improve your professional career and profile.

At Tokyo School we are specialists in training professionals in mastering new technologies. With our Python Programming course you will be presented with different specialization options, including one related to machine learning, where you will learn about data mining and the applications it has when creating intelligent programs.

If you’re more interested in the analytical side of it, we also offer training related to data analysis, Big Data and Cloud Computing. Any of our training courses are related to disciplines with great future potential, so they are interesting options if you want to broaden your job prospects.

If you have questions or want to know more about our training courses, don’t wait any longer! Get in touch with us and start preparing to improve your future career options. Dive into the world of AI programming and broaden your professional horizons! We can’t wait to meet you!

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